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About Us

We are a small artistic blacksmithing studio. We mainly create metal sculptures using manual traditional methods. We love challenges, we create sculptures of any subject, complexity and size. Our main inspirations are fantasy, sci-fi and other movies, nature, old events and historical figures as well as all kinds of ideas of our clients. Our headquarters is in Poland, but we send our sculptures all over the world, mainly to the UK and the USA.
Due to our extensive experience, we are able to reproduce and re-create each figure that we have already made for another client, taking into account the client's comments and wishes. We can make any sculpture in any scale, from tiny figures to monstrous sculptures of very large dimensions. We make sculptures only by manual methods, so that each figure we create is different from the previous one and has its own unique features, we try to create our sculptures so that each becomes a work of art and is appreciated by our client. In addition to decorative sculptures, we also deal with applied art and create all kinds of forged items for everyday use, such as letterboxes or fireplace utensils. There is no topic that we will not take up, we guarantee our clients satisfaction with every product we make.
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