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Handmade Forged Dragons

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Unique handmade carbon steel and stainless steel forged figurines. In our studio we make the most beautiful forged sculptures in the world to order. In this category, we offer you unique forged dragons in many different sizes, configurations and shapes.
All our dragons are carefully crafted in our own studio, taking care of even the smallest details. We draw inspiration for most of our dragons from movies and fantasy series, mainly from the lord of the rings, the hobbit and the game of thrones. In addition to the dragon sculptures that we present to you in this category, we also make custom dragon sculptures, in any size and shape according to the customer's wishes. We can make a forged dragon sculpture according to any photo or sketch, any size. We make both small dragons that can be placed on a desk, and huge full-size dragons. We will fulfill your every wish, artistic creation of metal sculptures is our passion and a way of life.
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